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Things that Affect and Worsen the Problems with iPhone Charging Ports

Your iPhone is out of juice. But you plug it in and see that it’s not charging. You pull off the plug, insert it back and try it again, but still no luck. Now, you restart it to see whether the issue is solved. But no, nothing happens, and now, a chill runs down your spine. Yes, getting perplexed in this situation is natural since you have just discovered that your iPhone is not getting charged. In this scenario, you will need to head to your nearest technician in Melbourne to get the device repaired since it is a charging port issue. But if you are wondering what causes problems and even exacerbates the same in iPhones, you need to follow the points mentioned here.


Though the latest iPhones are water-resistant, the charging port is a place that is still a tad vulnerable to liquids. This is because the charger plug is attached to this point and water can easily damage or create a short-circuit in the port. So, professionals carrying out iPhone water damage repairs in Melbourne suggest that you always keep your device away from liquids at all costs.


If you think that dust particles are harmless, you are wrong. This is because they can get through anything due to their small sizes. Indeed, they can get into the charging port and accumulate there which leads to charging problems. Moreover, steady dust accumulation inside the port can worsen charging issues with time. So, using a protector for your device is essential.

Oil and Grease

Most professionals carrying out iPhone charging port repairs in Melbourne have reported the presence of oil inside the device. So, since oil can affect charging, make sure to keep your device in a safe place if you are working in industrial areas.

To clean the grease, however, you can use a microfiber cloth. Twist the edge of the cloth so that you can insert it in the charging port and clean the same.


Another thing that affects charging and worsens issues with the same is moisture. Now, this is something that you cannot avoid. But still, you can protect your iPhone by keeping it in a cool dry place. Also, if you have sweat in your hands or in your pockets, clean it from your iPhone periodically to avoid charging issues.

Faulty Charger

Sometimes a faulty charger can lead to charging port issues. In fact, it can even aggravate the problems. So, technicians performing iPhone repairs in Melbourne recommend that you change the charger whenever you experience charging issues.

Improper Device Handling

Not only charging problems but you can face any type of problems if you do not handle your device properly.

Don’t just throw your device on hard surfaces or drop it too much from your hand. Also, make sure that while charging, the charger is not loose and is properly plugged into your device.

Dropping your iPhone

Charging issues in your device can stem from frequent dropping. The impact can not only create charging problems but can also damage the screen or backglass. Then, you will have to get it repaired by a technician performing iPhone back glass repairs in Melbourne.

If you want to keep your iPhone well-maintained, make sure that you handle the device with care and get it repaired from a reputable technician if you are facing issues with it.

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