Iphone and Ipad Charging Port Repairs

Prompt iPhone & iPad Charging Port Repairs in St Kilda, Melbourne by Qualified Experts

Is your iPhone taking ages to get charged? Or is it that one of the sticks of the charging port is broken or suffered a bend? You need to have the charging port replaced with a new one. Worry not, if you are in St Kilda, Melbourne, as you have Ufixit Repairs around. With over 10 years of spotless presence in the market and represented by some of the most qualified experts, we offer same day iPhone & iPad charging port repairs in St Kilda, Melbourne right when you need it. .

Telltale Signs That Say You Are in Need for iPhone or iPad Charging Port Repair Service

There are certain signs that will tell you that you have a faulty charging port in your iPad or iPhone and that you need to get the device to an iPhone or iPad charging port repair service provider in St Kilda, Melbourne.
  • Your device takes ages to get charged.
  • Your device can be charged only when you hold the charger at a certain angle.
  • Your device does not get charged at all, though there is nothing wrong with the battery.
  • A stick or two of the charging port is visibly broken or damaged.
If so, get your device to us. Our iPhone or iPad charging port repair experts in St Kilda, Melbourne are competent enough to come up with a prompt repair or replacement of the charging port at an affordable price.

Our iPhone or iPad Charging Port Repair & Replacement in St Kilda, Melbourne Is Excellent

If things come down to replacing the damaged port with a new one, we ensure that we will do so with a genuine replacement and hence will even offer a warranty. Despite all the perfection, promptness and professionalism, our replacement or repair of the charging port of iPad and iPhone in St Kilda, Melbourne comes at a reasonable price, with no hidden charges.

With the service being provided by the most experienced and qualified experts, quality is never an issue. And the fact that we follow a ‘no fix no pay’ policy speaks for the quality of our service.

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