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iPhone and iPad Battery Replacement

iPhone and iPad Battery Replacement in Ormond, Melbourne

Random shutdowns or fast battery drainage in your iPhone or the iPad can be pretty annoying. Most of these issues are caused by a worn-out battery inside the device. So, the solution to these problems is to get your existing battery replaced. But doing so will require an expert hand and if you are searching for one, welcome to Ufixit Repairs, the perfect destination for iPhone and iPad battery replacements in Ormond, Melbourne.

When you bring your device to us, our technicians will first inspect them to see whether the issues you are facing are related to the batteries. If they detect that the problem is with the battery, then only they will quote the price for the replacement. This is because we give priority to the results first, and then on the price.

iPhone Battery Replacement Service in Ormond, Melbourne

No matter the model of your iPhone, we will replace its battery and give you the device back on the same day. But if you are wondering when you should bring your device to us for the iPhone battery replacement in Ormond, Melbourne, look for signs that include
  • Device restarting automatically at regular intervals
  • Quick drainage of battery in your iPhone
  • A notification that indicates that it’s time to replace the batteries
  • It is taking quite a long time to charge your iPhone
These are the general indications of battery depletion in an iPhone. But whatever might be the problems, you should not delay getting the device checked since the problems can worsen over time.

iPad Battery Replacement Service in Ormond, Melbourne

Besides iPhone, we also offer iPad battery replacement services in Ormond, Melbourne. Therefore, if your iPad is causing issues similar to that of the iPhone such as frequent shutdowns, rapid battery drainage, etc., you should not delay and bring it to us.

Our technicians will disassemble the device and inspect the battery. If they find that it is depleted, they will replace it with a new one. Also, note that we only provide genuine batteries that come with a warranty.

Why Get Your Device Battery Replaced By Us?

Get your device battery replaced by Ufixit Repairs since
  • We have 10 years of experience in replacing iPhone and iPad batteries
  • We replace batteries of these devices on the same day
  • We only provide genuine batteries for these devices
  • Our technicians attentively and accurately replace the batteries in these devices
To know more about how we replace the batteries or repair these devices, call us now.

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