Computer Repairs

How to Minimise the Cost and Frequency of Computer Repairs?

Computers malfunction, like any other appliances, to start with. The owners have to maintain a head of expenses for the maintenance of their computer anyway. However, that expense can be checked, and the frequency of the repairs can be cut down by following certain steps. On this page, let us discuss those steps that will help you reduce your computer repair frequency as well as costs.

  • Dust the Keyboard With the Use of Compressed Air

The keyboard of your computer accumulates a lot of dust and dirt for obvious reasons. However, the unfortunate aspect in regards to this is that people would use the wrong ways to wipe and cleanse the keyboard. They would use clothes soaked in water. The correct way to clean the keyboard is to use a damp (not soaked) lint-free cloth. To reach out the hard-to-access areas, like between and below the keys, using a compressed air canister is the best way.

  • Do not Use Damp Cloth to Clean the Monitor

At times, people would commit the mistake of using damp cloths to wipe down the monitor. This is an incorrect way of cleaning the monitor. The best way to clean the monitor is to use a dry, lint-free cloth at least twice a week.

  • Get Rid of the Mouse Dust and Dirt in an Accurate Way

People often complain about mouse malfunction at the drop of a hat without realising that their wrong way is at times responsible for the malfunction. The right way to clean the mouse is to use a dry (not moist or damp) lint-free duster. To deep clean the mouse, rubbing alcohol-dipped cloth is one good option. Do not forget to detach the mouse from the back of the CPU (if it is not a cordless mouse).

  • Conducting a Comprehensive Cleaning Every Six Months

If you want to lessen the need to hire professionals who are into computer repairs in Melbourne, you need to carry out a comprehensive cleaning of your system every six months.

You can perform this cleaning in various ways, including the one that involves use of a computer vacuum. However, before doing so, you must switch off your system and unplug it from the powerpoint.

You can also take a step or two to remove the casing of the CPU by unscrewing it. However, do not interfere with the circuits and the motherboard, RAM, and other spare parts using a vacuum. Use the vacuum to clean the case after it has been unscrewed and detached. For cleaning the circuits and the motherboard, use the compressed air canister that you use to clean the keyboard.

  • Power Drain and Reboot the System on a Regular Basis

One of the most effective ways of reducing the frequency of computer repairs in St Kilda is power draining and rebooting the system on a regular basis. This will not only keep the overall health of your system fine, but it will also make your system faster.

Thus, you see, these are the steps you need to go through to perfectly clean your computer and minimise its repair cost. However, if your computer still faces any issues, then get in touch with  Ufixit Repairs if you are in and around Melbourne, as we are the best. Call us to book an appointment before you visit us, or you can schedule an appointment for a technician visit.