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Steps that will Help You Minimize iPhone 13 Pro Screen Repairs

iPhone 13 Pro, along with its other variants saw the daylight on September 24 in Australia and New Zealand. So if you have already got your prized possession, that’s great news! But remember, with the price of the IPhone 13 Pro starting from $1,699 and varying upto $2,569, it’s indeed a costly gadget and it’s your status symbol, which underlines your style statement like nothing else. Therefore, you need to take utmost care of the gadget. Specially, you need to be careful about its screen. Ensure that it does not crack or gets damaged. For that, you need to follow certain techniques. They will save you from having to rush to your nearest phone repair shop in Melbourne or wherever else you are in the Oz.

Using a Bumper Case

One of the most effective ways of saving the screen of your iPhone 13 Pro from cracking is using a bumper case. With the advent of new technology, a number of companies are coming up with high quality bumper cases that are stubborn and long lasting enough, for every model of iPhones and android phones and the last avatars of iPhone is no exception. Using these cases will go a long way in protecting your iPhone screen from cracking.

Using Screen Protectors

Another very effective way of minimizing the need to take your iPhone to an iPhone repair shop in Melbourne is using those high quality tempered screen protectors that are available in the market. Well, you can use those plastic screen protectors as well, but one hindrance of these protectors can save the screen from the nominal scratches only. However, when it comes to absorbing a major shock and protecting the screen from its impact, these plastic screens will fail. This is where those high quality tempered screen protectors will come in handy.

Using Pop Sockets

Of late, pop sockets have come up as a highly effective tool to hold your gadget firmly and save it from falls and screen damage. These sockets drastically reduce the risk of phone drops, more so when you are working with it on the move, or taking snaps in situations that are not that comfortable. These sockets come as plastic contraptions with a circular base with which it can be attached to the rear of the phone. They come up a flexible stem along with a stylish disc that adds to the look and feel of your gadget as well.

Using a Skin for an Extra Grip

While the iPhones are more and more tilting towards more slick and slippery back glasses, they are getting extremely slippery and prone to drops from hand. Thus, one of the best ways to minimise the falls and screen damage and visit an iPhone screen repair store in Melbourne is adding an extra skin to your phone. This will give you an extra grip to hold the gadget more firmly.

However, despite all the measures you take, mishaps can occur and they do happen at times, if you have hard luck. But worry not if you are in Melbourne, for you have Ufixit Repairs. We already have the acumen and expertise to replace the iPhone 13 Pro screen with its genuine counterpart. So if needed call us at 03 85908638 for an appointment, between 10 AM and 6 PM on weekdays and from 10 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays.