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How To Determine Whether Your iPhone Is Damaged by Water?

Though most iPhones offer extraordinary water resistance, ageing and minor cracks on the screen can still lead to water seepages which can damage the device. But the most important question that comes to mind is how can you find whether the problems that you are encountering in your iPhone are caused by water? You will need to take a look at some signs of water damage which we will discuss here. If, after going through the post, you notice them, you should get it checked by a technician in Melbourne without delay.

No Signal Error

Is the network of your iPhone down? Remove the SIM card tray and see if you can find a red-coloured lining on the tray. This is an indication that water has seeped in and has damaged the SIM or the component establishing the connection. In this situation, you should immediately get your device checked by professionals performing iPhone water damage repairs in Melbourne. Otherwise, the moisture inside the device can damage more components.

Moisture Underneath the Screen

If you notice moisture underneath the screen which is leading to blurry images, it is a sign that water has entered the device and has accumulated inside. Though primarily the damage might not seem much, it can exacerbate after a few days. Therefore, in this instance, you should not delay. Take your iPhone to a technician so that he can repair it quickly.

Touchscreen Issues

Along with the water vapour accumulation underneath the screen, if you notice touchscreen problems such as the screen not responding to touch or you notice a delay in operations, you can infer that the device is damaged by water and you will need to take it to a technician performing iPhone repairs in Melbourne.

Charging Problems after Water Immersion

Did you drop your iPhone in water and notice charging problems thereafter? You can be 100% sure that these problems are being caused by water. So, in this scenario, getting the device repaired by a technician is your only option.

The technician will disassemble the device and remove the moisture. However, if the charging port is fully damaged, he will replace the same with a new one.

Device Overheating

Water damage can also cause iPhone overheating. If you notice this issue particularly after you dropped the device in the water, take it to an iPhone repair store in Melbourne immediately. Else, the moisture already present inside the device can fully damage the screen and the PCB, and repairing these problems can be very costly.

Home Button Not Working Properly

If you have got an older iPhone and the home button is not working properly after the device got drenched in water, you can blame the latter for the malfunction. However, the only option in this instance is to take it to a technician to repair the home button and the other damages that water might have caused to your device.

Now that you know the ways to identify water damages, you can make the right decision to keep your iPhone performing optimally,

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