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How To Determine iPhone Screen Refresh Rate Malfunctions and Bugs?

The screen refresh rate of the iPhone can be considered as the capability of the screen to redraw an image a specific number of times. This is measured in hertz, and in iPhones, typically, the refresh rate is quite high which is 120 hertz. This means that the screen can produce 120 frames per second which undoubtedly offers a smooth display. However, this fluidity can be disrupted if the refresh rate fluctuates. This is a problem that many people experience and is primarily caused due to software glitches or screen problems. If the former occurs, rest assured that the latest update can fix the problem. But to fix the latter, you will need to take your device to a technician in Melbourne or any of the suburbs where you are in.

Let us now take a look at some problems that tell you that the refresh rate of your iPhone is fluctuating whether it’s a bug or a fault with the screen.

Changing the Setting to Low Power Mode Still Showing Lines on the Screen

According to the top technicians performing iPhone repairs in Prahran and the other Melbourne suburbs, if you change your device setting to ‘Low Power Mode’ from the ‘Setting’ menu or the ‘Control Centre’ but find no changes, it can be a screen issue and not a bug.

To fix this type of refresh rate malfunction, you will need to get the screen repaired by professionals. Otherwise, the horizontal lines or the consistent stuttering that you are experiencing while using your device will persist.

Unable to Change Setting to Low Power Mode

Are you unable to change the setting of your device to ‘Low Power Mode’? As per the technicians offering iPhone screen repairs in Brighton and the other Melbourne suburbs, it is usually a bug and will be fixed in the next update. So, in this scenario, you should not worry. However, if you notice that even after an update you are unable to change the setting, you can infer that it’s time to book an appointment with a technician.

Occasional Stuttering and Blurring

If you are noticing occasional blurring of images that is occurring right after an update, the professionals performing iPhone repairs in Moorabbin and the other Melbourne suburbs suggest that this is again a bug that affects some models.

Though this problem will be fixed in the next update, you can still restart your device a few times to see whether it resolves on its own. Otherwise, you should book an appointment with the technicians.

Screen Heating and Blurry Images 

If the screen of your iPhone heats up and produces blurry images, rest assured that this type of refresh rate issue is a direct hardware malfunction and you will need to get the screen replaced by a technician.

There can be several reasons for the problem such as careless use, screen defects, etc. However, since it is a hardware issue, as mentioned, replacing the screen remains the only possible solution.

Too Much Screen Flickering

If you notice too much flickering of your iPhone screen caused due to a refresh rate problem, to determine whether it is a software bug or a hardware malfunctioning, you can wait for the next update.

If you see that the issue is solved, you can determine that it was a glitch, otherwise, you will need to take the device for an iPhone screen replacement in Hampton or the Melbourne suburb where you are situated.

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